Zhejiang Village, Beijing. (Michael Dutton, Poverty in Beijing)

Zhejiangcun (浙江村) (translated as Zhejiang village) is the biggest migrant settlement in China. Located only five miles south of Beijing, it originated from six migrant families into 1984 and by 1998 boasted of over 100,000 migrants. Known mostly for its local clothing business, Zhejiangcun represents an intricate network of people and their connections. Despite the deplorable conditions of the village, most migrants choose to stay and live among their fellow migrants due to the social network.

An alleyway in Zhejiangcun (Poverty in Beijing, Michael Dutton)
Most migrant households in Zhejiangcun earn approximately between 100,000 yuan to 500,000 yuan per year. Generally, all individuals of a family who can work do work.

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